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Mackay Baptist Church follows a governance model that is led by the leadership team including the Pastors, Elders and Deacons, on behalf of the members of the church. As per the Church Constitution all leadership positions including pastoral staff are held to account by the members of the church by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Becoming a member of the church is simply a process whereby a person makes a covenant to commit to a community of believers. In practical terms, this means contributing towards the direction and decision making of the church as well as committing to your brothers and sisters in Christ in love and service.

Any believer who has made a previous public declaration of faith by way of baptism is welcome to become a member. After expressing your interest in becoming a member, one of the Eldership team will make arrangements to visit you to review the church vision and constitution. Afterward acceptance, you will be welcomed as a member at the next convenient church service.

For more information about church membership, please contact the Church Office

Member's Pledge:

All prospective members of the church are provided with a copy of the church constitution which includes the following pledge for all members of the church:

I believe the Articles of Faith set out in the Constitution of The Mackay Baptist Church and Pledge that I will endeavour to faithfully fulfil the following duties and obligations, the Lord being my helper:

  1. To read from the Bible and pray daily.
  2. To attend worship with the congregation weekly on the Lord's Day unless genuinely prevented from doing so.
  3. To give generously from my income on a regular basis for the financial support of the Church's ministries.
  4. To participate in the Annual General Meeting and other General Meetings of the Church, if possible.
  5. To accept at least one office, task or function within the structure of the Church, unless excused from doing so by reason of extraordinary circumstances.
  6. To strive to walk in holiness and to express the love of Christ in my dealings with all people.
  7. To exercise brotherly love towards my fellow members, endeavouring to share their burdens, to pray for them, to avoid all causes of division and to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
  8. To respect the Pastors and Leaders of the Church, to pray for them and encourage them in their duties.
  9. To play my part in extending the Kingdom of Christ by witnessing for the Saviour in word and deed.
  10. To accept and support all correctly decided Church Purpose, Vision and Mission Statements.