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Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

A free course to help you manage your money better and learn to budget, save and spend well.

The CAP money course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches budgeting skills and a simple, cash based system that really works. This course will help anyone to gain more control over their finances so they can save and prevent debt.

Attending a course run by our local church is like a health check for your finances.

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Adult Course

Our friendly and helpful coaches will guide you through a workbook and DVD presentations during sessions of approximately two (2) hours over three (3) consecutive weeks.

The CAP money course will provide you with the tools needed to organise your finances no matter the size of your income or financial knowledge. You will be taught how to build and live on a budget using the CAP money three account system and use cash instead cards.

This course is for anyone in our community who is ready to take control of their money no matter their age, employment or stage in life.

Youth Course

CAP Money Youth is a practical and engaging introduction to money management for young people. The course is a one hour session run in youth groups and classrooms, teaching vital skills to help young people handle their money well. This free course can also be run for small groups in our community.

The multi-media session includes DVD presentation, exercises and activities which relate to young people in easy to understand money language so they can put into practice the new skills they learn.

Young people will learn the importance of setting goals then building, balancing and sticking to a budget and how bad money management and being in debt can mess up their lives. They will also be taught why living on cash is better than using cards all the time. Saving for their future needs such as buying a car can be achieved after their budget is put into place and they learn to manage their spending.

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