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Mission: Vanuatu

In June of 2011, Mackay Baptist Church commissioned the first of many short-term missions trips to Vanuatu. In partnership with Missions Ventures Australia and the History Makers Church in Port Villa, MBC has led teams to provide medical care, practical assistance, teaching and pastoral support to the impoverished communities of Black Sands and Pele Island.


Since this first trip in 2011, MBC has led 5 trips with 2 more organised for 2013. Due to God's grace and the generosity of His people, MBC provided over thousands of dollars of medical resources as well as secure and continue to maintain their only source of clean drinking water. As a result, we have witnessed a marked improvement in the health of the beautiful people of Black Sands. We have financially and practically contributed to the construction of a new church building in Black Sands which is also used as a school during the week. MBC continues to provide pastoral assistance to Pastors Zebedee Tonga and John Mark through discipleship resources, prayer and encouragement.

Church service at half-built building at Black Sands (2011)
Teaching agricultural biology to students at Nguna Island (2012)

Each short-term missions trip to Vanuatu has had a specific focus, ranging from practical assistance through to medical care. However for all of the members of the ministry team it has been a deeply moving experience as faith is put into action. Members of the team will draw closer to God and each other as they see first-hand the revolutionary power of the love of Jesus Christ moving through a people that are hungry for the gospel. Spiritual gifts will be exercised as our missionaries are called on to share their personal testimony and to disciple young believers.

Bubbles are always a hit (2012)
Black Sands church (2012)
Team Photo (2012)
Team Photo @ History Maker's Church (2011)