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Home Groups

Whilst the church gathers together for fellowship and teaching on Sundays, it is difficult for every person's practical and spiritual needs to be satisfied during this brief time. This is why, at MBC, we encourage people to come together to grow deeper in their relationship with God and their shared relationship with other believers through home groups.

Home groups (sometimes called "cell groups" or "community groups") operate regularly through the year, typically at the home of a host. Some of these groups may break for school holidays and some groups may focus on a particularly cultural or life-stage demographic. All groups will focus on the study of God's word, prayer and the supporting of one another's spiritual and practical needs in an atmosphere of trust and safety, as well as mobilising the group for the common mission of God's Church which is to make disciples.

More Information

If you are interested in joining a home group, or would like further information please contact the Church Office.