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About the Mackay Region

The Mackay region offers an eclectic mix of rural, industrial, tropical and city life styles. A sea-side city located approximately 900km north of Brisbane, Mackay was founded around sugar and other agricultural industries in 1871 in the lands originally settled by the indigenous "Juipera" people. In more recent years, Mackay's industry has diversified to include tourism and mining. Mackay is very close to the tourism centre of the Whitsunday Islands, and is also close to the Bowen Basin mining industry which ships coal from two large ports south of Mackay.

The Mackay Region, which includes the Northern Beaches, Pioneer Valley and Sarina has an estimated population of 143,000 from a large number of ethnic backgrounds. Mackay enjoys a tropical climate which includes wet and humid summers as well as dry and pleasant winters. Coastal breezes usually maintain the summer maximum temperature at around 30 degrees celcius, and the winter maximum usually hovers around 22 degrees. (Source: BOM).

Mackay is an ideal place for fishing and other water activities, including access to the Great Barrier Reef. It boasts a diverse range of sporting clubs and a large number of accessible beaches. Mackay's Blue Water Lagoon is a free, must-visit attraction for all visitors and residents with children and the local Entertainment and Convention Centre hosts many travelling artists and exhibitions. Mackay has a well established retail presence, with shopping centres featuring most major retail outlets, as well as a burgeoning restaurant and cafe scene that takes advantage of Mackay's cool nights and pristine water ways.

Locating to a new city can involve logistical and emotional challenges. The following links may assist in providing more information about the region and the assist in your relocation. Mackay Baptist Church may also be able to provide assistance with connection to accommodation or other services if required.

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