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Introducing Rohan and Hayley Beatson

As advised at the communications from 5 June, The Pastoral Search Team (PST) were actively considering one specific candidate for our new Associate Pastor. On 30 May, the PST formally recommended Mr. Rohan Beatson, from Rockhampton to the Board of Elders. Rohan and his wife Hayley visited MBC over the weekend of 9-12 June, spending a lot of time speaking with Ps. Scott and Dale, the Elders, PST members & ministry leaders.

On 12 June, the Board of Elders met to prayerfully decide if we believed Rohan was the right man for the role of Associate Pastor. As a result, the Elders unanimously supported the recommendation of the PST and now wish to commend Rohan to the Mackay Baptist Church membership for approval. This has been booked for a Special General Meeting at 11:00am on July 30, 2017.

Pastor Scott and the Board of Elders are solid in their conviction that Rohan has the right gifting, skill and personality to lead and pastor our youth and young adults, as well as the rest of the church for the next five years. As you will find from Rohan’s testimony, he has a long history of serving and discipling youth and young adults within a church as well as in the community. We are also convinced as a leadership, which was supported by our church review in 2016, that we need to do more to support this demographic and the fantastic people that already lead these ministries.

What Happens Next?

In the 6 weeks between today and July 30, the Elders and PST will continue to share their conviction and excitement that Rohan is God’s man for this position. We hope to share more of Rohan and Hayley’s journey, and will provide information like previously recorded sermons to help in the decision-making process. Also, a large number of you have already met Rohan and Hayley in the week just passed and we encourage you to share your own perspectives with the other members of our MBC family.

Introducing Rohan and Hayley Beatson:

Rohan Beatson is a local of the Rockhampton area, completing hs senior certificate at North Rockhampton State High School in 2007. Rohan completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Professional Communication in 2011, after which he worked in local government communications. In 2013 he felt a calling into pastoral ministry and began a student internship at the Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle whilst also completing his Masters of Divinity through Malyon College.

Rohan and Hayley Beatson

During this time, and afterwards, Rohan has played an important role in the leadership of youth and young adults at Rockhampton Baptist, including supporting a number of young adults who are now in attendance at Mackay Baptist. Rohan has also led the “Red Frogs” ministry for Airlie Beach Schoolies for 8 years and within CQU for 5 years.

Rohan has preached, primarily at night services at Rockhampton Baptist for a number of years and also participated in a missions trip to Vanuatu in 2014. Rohan has received glowing recommendations from the pastoral team at Rockhampton Baptist who were not able to offer an ongoing position at the end of his internship in 2015.

He recently married his wife Hayley in 2016, who is a Registered Nurse working in intensive care. Hayley has also been a member of the Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle worship team.

Here is part of Rohan’s testimony, in his own words:

"Personally, following Jesus means having Him as an essential part of everything I do. Recognising that we sometimes lose sight of Jesus amongst our busy lives, I also believe that a relationship is essential in order to be a Christ-follower and that this relationship is built on time spent with Him in prayer, Word and service. Finally, I believe that to follow Jesus, we must join in His mission of finding the broken and lost and pointing them towards Him."

“My life is Christ’s. I must live as His representative, upholding the values of love (1 Cor 13), honesty (Eph 4:25), integrity (1 Pet 3:16), justice (Mic 6:8) and joyful hope (Rom 15:13)… God has called me to serve and shepherd His people, leading them into deeper relationship with Him and guiding them as they participate in the Church’s mission”

“I am a people person who loves to make and maintain relationships. My heart lies in connecting what happens inside the church walls to what is going on outside of them.”

“As a pastor, I would encourage others in what it means to follow Jesus. I would teach of the importance of letting Jesus into all areas of our lives and would guide people through practical ways of doing so. I would encourage others in their personal relationship, mentoring them on the value of knowing Him as both Father and friend. I would facilitate opportunities for people to get involved in the mission of the church and build their confidence to stand for Jesus wherever they are.”

Rohan and Hayley are excited of the prospect of moving to Mackay, whilst still being in close proximity to family in Rockhampton. Rohan’s sister Erin is also based in Mackay and is a youth leader at New Life Church.

More Information on Rohan:

A video testimony is currently being sourced and prepared. Please check back here soon.

The following are some messages preached by Rohan in the last few years:

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January 8, 2017 Untitled (PM Service) Link
April 10, 2016 Untitled (PM Service) Link
June 28, 2015 When God stops us from fulfilling our vision (PM Service) Link
June 28, 2015 Mobilize: We believe in gift based Ministry (PM Service) Link
October 26, 2014 Untitled (AM Service) Link
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Also, for those people who aren’t sure about listening to these online, please speak to Vince Tye will will be organising the playing of some of these messages over the next few weeks.

Video Call with Rohan & Hayley

Lastly, we will be organising a “Skype” video call with Rohan and Hayley at some time over the next few weeks to introduce themselves to the church. We will be able to ask them to respond to a few questions as well as to share a few thoughts as we work through the process of making a final decision as a church. The date and time for this will be confirmed soon.

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