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Mackay Baptist Church Survey 2013

Your feedback is therefore very important to us! This survey is intended to be used as a guide to help shape the ministry and services of Mackay Baptist Church by capturing your honest and loving feedback. God has blessed us with a diverse and growing congregation that the MBC and with a large number of new families, we want to make sure that we are adequately serving your needs and creating opportunities for you to serve others.

You can complete this survey online via the following link:

If you would prefer to complete this survey on paper, you can print out the following file, complete it and then place your completed survey in the box provided in the foyer.

The results of this feedback will be provided back to the church towards the end of the year. If you need any assistance with completing this survey, please feel free to ask one of the church leaders or the office staff. Please complete one survey only per adult or young adult.

Posted by: SYSADMIN on Tue, Oct 22 2013 4:24 a.m.

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