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Vision Sunday Series

Join us at our services from 18 August to 8 September to learn all about the mission we are all called to in Christ: to love God and love others, and how we believe this works out in the specific vision for Mackay Baptist Church over the next five years.

There are 4 parts to this vision:

  • From a one size fits all congregation to multiple congregations that are appropriate for their target demographic.

  • From a church with eight – ten small groups to having twenty five small groups by 2025 and a dedicated Discipleship / Small Group coordinator.

  • From facilities that are not fully sufficient to culturally and demographically appropriate facilities that allow for growth and greater community engagement.

  • From a small impact upon our local community to becoming an integral part of our local community and impacting our city in the name of Jesus Christ.

The following video helps to communicate this vision where it relates specifically to church property:


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